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Dry Needling

Dry needling works by the needle itself acting to physically disrupt the tension within the trigger points or tender muscles. It unlocks the tissue and encourages it to return to a more normal and improved level of function. It helps resolve symptoms more rapidly in many cases. It helps boost the effect of the chiropractic adjustment and its effect on the synovial joints.

 Now Certified in Instrument-Assisted
Soft Tissue Mobilization

This technique offers both lighter and deeper techniques to work on soft tissue issues, trigger points and fascia, depending what is needed. This can be done in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments to work on both the joints and the muscles.


Soft Tissue Relaxation

We take extra care for the soft tissues in the human body. These tissues are easy to injure and easier to relieve from pain and discomfort. The expert techniques that we use, target several trigger points, making the healing experience comfortable and relaxing.


Lower Back Relaxation

Due to today’s sedentary lifestyle, both at home and at workspaces, the lower back suffers a lot. It needs constant care and relaxation so that a proper posture can be maintained. We take personal care by using manual as well as mechanical techniques to heal and prevent problems with the back.


Postural Evaluation

It is important to have straight posture to avoid future health problems. Our aim is to make our patients feel healthy while managing proper posture. Apart from sitting and standing, we also run evaluation of posture during different behavioral habits throughout the day.

Excellent Health Is Our Gift to You – Chiropractor Services

At Ottun Chiropractic, we take the time to talk to each individual about their health history, concerns, and all factors that might affect their care. We also focus on soft tissue as well as the spine to find the perfect combination. We ensure the privacy of our patients because we take HIPAA security very seriously. More than anything, we spend some time with our patients. We want to be your chiropractor and earn your business.

About Us

I grew up on a ranch in southeastern Montana near the Rosebud Creek/Forsyth area. As part of a family that was avidly involved in rodeo and in particular barrel racing, I was raised with a strong work ethic, values and a love of the western lifestyle.

I attended grade school in Rosebud, high school in Forsyth, an undergraduate at Montana State University-Billings, and then chiropractic college at Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, Minnesota. After I graduated, I wanted to return to the open spaces of Montana and found the countryside around Billings as a good fit.

I became a true believer in chiropractors while in junior high and watching my mother struggle with injuries sustained in a serious car accident. At that point in time, the insurance company directed her care and she was sent to a variety of medical doctors, neurologists, surgeons, and therapists. They tried to help her but her soft tissue injuries were not relieved by their care. She was told that she needed to learn to live with it. That was not an option as she had constant neck pain and debilitating headaches. I remember her vomiting off her horse while trying to help with ranch work because of her headaches.

She finally told the insurance company that she was going to a chiropractor, and with a lot of work, she got back to a normal, active life including riding horses and barrel racing. The change in my mother’s life and injuries myself while playing high school basketball have driven my passion to help others to live healthier lives.

At Ottun Chiropractic, we truly care about your well-being and take the time to listen.  Correct your posture and prevent future back issues with our expert guidance.

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